Season 2
Do the Right Thing
Do the Right Thing
Season 2 | Episode 220 | Aired 03/25/2009

The Oceanside doctors' moral muscles get a real workout this time: Addison continues to treat Morgan, the wife of Dr. Noah Barnes, the man she's been flirting with for months, Cooper freaks when he finds out the mother of a 12-year-old patient is letting her daughter have sex, Pete considers dating the mother of one of his patients and Sam testifies on behalf of a colleague, Dr. Allen, in a medical malpractice case.

Morgan's pregnancy isn't going so well. Her cervix has opened prematurely and Addison needs to sew it back closed. The distraught wife begs Addison to keep the baby safe as it's the only thing keeping her troubled marriage together. (If she only knew how right she is...)

When Yvonne Pierce asks for birth control for her pre-teen daughter Sarah, Cooper nearly flips out and tries to convince the permissive mom that she's actually hurting Sarah more than she is helping. While it's always nice when we see Cooper speak his mind, Yvonne insists that at least she's teaching her daughter to be responsible.


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