Season 2
Do the Right Thing
Do the Right Thing
Season 2 | Episode 220 | Aired 03/25/2009
On the witness stand, Sam seems cool and collected when being questioned by Dr. Allen's defense attorney, who also happens to be Sam's best friend Duncan. The case should be a slam-dunk for the defense, right? But during cross-examination, Sam becomes flustered and can only stammer out some unintelligible answers. Defense 0, Prosecution 1.

Addison has Morgan transported to the hospital for surgery. But once they arrive at St. Ambrose, Morgan's heart stops. Even though Noah brings his wife back to life with a defibrillator, he blames himself for not seeing signs of trouble in her in the first place. The problem he tells Addison is, "I don't think about her. All I think about is you." Yikes!

In preparation to go back on the stand and not embarrass himself, Sam goes over the case records in more detail and finds an anomaly. When confronted, Dr. Allen confesses to Sam in private. The doctor didn't read his patient's full chart to know he was allergic to the medication that killed him. Allen begs Sam to lie for him and cover up his mistake.


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