Season 2
What You Do for Love
What You Do for Love
Season 2 | Episode 221 | Aired 04/22/2009

Let’s return to that sizzling, forbidden kiss between a rain-soaked Addison and Noah. But the smoke doesn’t last long before she SLAMS the door in his face. She doesn’t even give him an umbrella? Rude!

Here’s another awkward moment: Cooper gets busted helping a pregnant Violet with her breathing exercises. Charlotte orders him into the bedroom—STAT!—if he “wants any.” To provide encouragement, Charlotte drops her nightgown. That she’s wearing nothing underneath? Yeah, that would get us motivated, too. Cooper smartly hustles into the bedroom.

At Oceanside, Addison runs some routine tests on Jeanine, a pregnant woman who is being assisted by her brother-in-law, Malcolm. Where’s Janine’s husband, Philip? Busy, as usual. And when Jeanine complains about her pregnant belly, Malcom says, “You’re beautiful.” We’re kind of creeped out by the very un-in-law like behavior.

Regardless of that, Addison worries about Jeanine’s heart rate and has Dell call for an ambulance. They race to St. Ambrose where... well, guess which cardio surgeon answers the call? Noah, of course. Addison plays the professional and lays out her concern about Jeanine. Noah concurs. An irregularly pumping heart could kill both mother and child.


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