Season 2
What You Do for Love
What You Do for Love
Season 2 | Episode 221 | Aired 04/22/2009
Elsewhere, Donna—as we predicted, thank you—shows up at Bobby’s hospital room. Cooper tries to hustle her out, but he’s not swift enough. Bobby’s parents also arrive and quickly figure out the situation. Not stupid people, they call the cops and have Donna arrested.

Also not stupid: Sam, who has figured out from Naomi’s odd, recent behavior that she’s hiding something major from him. He accuses her. Harshly. Feeling hurt by her colleague, when William asks Naomi to lunch a second time, she’s much more receptive to hearing his job offer.

Jeanine pulls through the surgery just fine, but, like us, she worries that Malcolm may have killed her husband since he’s so clearly in love with her. Addison listens to Jeanine’s suspicions, but what can she do? The autopsy proved nothing.

Lastly, Sheldon is oddly overcome with joy. He tells Violet he’s happily figured out that problem he had with a patient. That solution? He proposes to Violet on the spot. Oh dear.


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