Season 3
The Way We Were
The Way We Were
Season 3 | Episode 302 | Aired 10/07/2009

Violet is still feeling the aftershocks of her attack and Cooper is still feeling guilty for not being able to save her. Meanwhile, Addison and Sam try to deal with the fact that Naomi isn't there for them anymore.

It's been a month since Violet was brutally attacked and she's not doing well. She won't leave the house and doesn't want to hold the baby. Oh, and did we mention she's been prone to hiding in the closet whenever the doorbell rings? As a therapist, Violet is well aware of her condition and knows exactly how to offset all attempts to help her.

Swallowing his pride, Pete asks Sheldon to step in. Sheldon knows that Violet realizes that she doesn't have to leave the house as long as she knows Pete is going to keep coming back. Pete realizes that he can't make her walk out the front door. She has to do it herself. So he leaves. We can see it's hard for him, but we also know it's what he has to do.


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