Season 3
The Way We Were
The Way We Were
Season 3 | Episode 302 | Aired 10/07/2009

Charlotte stops by to pick up Coop's clothes and ends up having martinis with Violet. Now we all know these two aren't exactly BFF's, but they do end up having a pretty candid heart-to-heart chat. Charlotte is bummed because she thinks Coop blames her for what happened to Violet. If she hadn't called as he was about to step into the house, he would have been able to save her. He's feeling very guilty. Cooper finally does go to see Violet and apologizes for not coming sooner. Violet simply says, "You came when you could."

Naomi is having a tough time adjusting to her new job while readjusting her friendship with Addison, who is still smarting from the fact that she sent Noah back to his wife. Naomi pleadingly says, "I miss you. Where are you? Where did you go, Addison?" When Addison coldly blows her off, Naomi looks likes she's been punched in the gut. We love Addison, but she's an ice queen in this scene. Things do not look good for these two. Brrr.

Violet realizes the source of her anxiety is the baby. She finally steps out of the house with baby Lucas in her arms. Pete is thrilled when he opens his door to find Violet and the baby on the other side. But his joy quickly turns to confusion when Violet says she wants to be a good mom. She wants to do what's best for Lucas. She hands Lucas to Pete saying he's what's best for the baby. As she steps away, Violet says, "This is me being a good mom." It's both heartbreaking and heroic. It's also precisely why we love this show.


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