Season 3
Right Here, Right Now
Right Here, Right Now
Season 3 | Episode 303 | Aired 10/14/2009

Dr. Miranda Bailey is in L.A. and she wastes no time taking charge. Her patient, Sarah, desperately needs a kidney, and complications have forced her to do the transplant at St. Ambrose instead of Seattle Grace. Sarah’s sister, Emily, is only a partial match, but after three years without finding a donor and time slipping away, partial is going to have to be good enough. Emily pushes for them to do the surgery right away, but Miranda takes charge, as usual, and insists that she be properly tested before they move forward. Sam, who has taken over as the sisters’ internist, agrees.

Addison, glad to have one of her best friends from Seattle in town, quickly swaps highlights with Bailey. While all of Miranda’s news is bad—George O’Malley’s dead, Seattle Grace and Mercy West are merging and she’s getting a divorce—she can’t help but get a kick out of some of the drama at Oceanside Wellness, even comparing it to a telenovela. Muy emocionante! She does notice that something’s bothering Addison, and when Ad’s former patient, Morgan, shows up with her new baby in her arms demanding to know if she slept with her husband Noah—she didn’t, barely—Bailey’s got an idea what it could be. Addison tells Morgan that nothing happened between her and Noah, and Morgan believes her, but it’s obvious that both women know there’s more to it than that.


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