Season 3
Right Here, Right Now
Right Here, Right Now
Season 3 | Episode 303 | Aired 10/14/2009
Cooper has a 16-year-old patient named Ryan who is dying to go to Homecoming with his girlfriend, but since he was born with no immune system, he’s had to live in isolation at home. His fledgling immune system is coming along nicely, but it probably won’t be ready in time for the dance. Coop asks Pete, who was an expert in the field of infectious diseases before he switched to holistic medicine, to see what he can do. After some treatment, Pete and Cooper feel comfortable sending the kid out on his first date, but things take a bad turn when Pete realizes Ryan’s mom is sick with the flu and may have exposed him. Pete, now understanding what it’s like to worry about losing a child, tells Ryan he can’t go after all. The kid’s heartbroken.

Things get more than complicated for Bailey and Sam’s patients when Emily’s tests come back—she’s HIV positive. The sisters knew, but wanted to go through with the surgery anyway. Miranda realizes that it’s risky but Sarah is really out of time. Sam “puts his foot down” and forbids the surgery. Yeah, Sam, that’s probably not the right approach to take with Dr. Bailey. She tells him he had better pick that foot back up and walk it away from her and we couldn’t help but smile. Nice one, Bailey.


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