Season 3
Pushing the Limits
Pushing the Limits
Season 3 | Episode 304 | Aired 10/21/2009

Addison tells the team at Oceanside that they all need to pony up $50,000 to buy out Naomi’s share of the practice. Everyone agrees, but the look on Cooper’s face suggests that coming up with the cash may be easier said than done.

Cooper catches Charlotte doing an extreme makeover on his bathroom. We’re talking sledgehammer extreme! She has plans for new marble counters, hardwood floors and recessed lighting. No word on whether or not she wants a new toilet brush yet. For now, she just needs Cooper to write her a check to pay for all the renovations. Again, Coop seems to be stressing over funds.

Cooper finally admits to Charlotte that he’s broke. She’s his girlfriend and that’s something a girlfriend should know. Surprisingly, Charlotte takes the news in stride. Even more surprising is the fact that she coughs up the 50k Cooper needs for the buyout and gives an additional blank check to Addison. Charlotte wants to work there, too. You heard us. Charlotte King will be working at Oceanside Wellness! Thankfully, she won’t be bringing the sledgehammer, as Cooper hid it at Violet’s place.


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