Season 3
Pushing the Limits
Pushing the Limits
Season 3 | Episode 304 | Aired 10/21/2009
Pete brings baby Lucas to the office and makes excuses to leave him with Violet for some bonding time. Sheldon realizes that Violet can’t look at Lucas. Unbelievably, his solution to help her is to suggest that Naomi hire Pete. When Violet sees Pete every day, it’s like she’s having failure thrust in her face, so Pete takes the job.

Violet treats a couple, Collette and Ty, who are dealing with the aftershocks of a rape. Collette discovers that she is pregnant by the rapist. Violet gives Collette advice that is, in our opinion, way out of line. She basically says she shouldn’t have the baby because it’ll be a constant reminder of the truly awful thing that happened to her. It doesn’t take a genius to see that Violet is actually talking about her feelings toward Lucas.

A horrified Collette rushes out of Violet’s office. Ty stops by later to thank Violet for whatever she said to Collette, as she has scheduled an abortion. Violet is able to meet with Collette and Ty before the procedure. She admits that she was talking about herself when she last saw Collette. Ty says he hates that he couldn’t protect Collette and asks her what she truly wants to do. We don’t know what her answer will be. But we do know that, whatever it is, it’ll now be from the heart.


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