Season 3
Strange Bedfellows
Strange Bedfellows
Season 3 | Episode 305 | Aired 10/28/2009

It’s been hard for Violet ever since she was attacked by Katie, her former patient, but things are about to get harder because now it’s time for her to testify in open court about what happened. Violet’s had tremendous trouble confronting what’s happened to her, so we’re pretty surprised to see her take the stand and not shocked at all when she declares she can’t testify as she’s being sworn in. Pete is obviously upset and it looks like he may finally be giving up on ever getting the woman he loves back in his and their baby’s lives.

Charlotte is anxious to join Oceanside Wellness Group, but she can’t help but suspect that Sam is dragging his feet, which it turns out he is. Addison seems pretty open to the idea and lays out a variety of perfectly logical reasons why they should hire her, not the least of which is her specialty, but still Sam can’t get over the fact that he just doesn’t like Charlotte and doesn’t think her personality will fit in. Then he pretty much says that straight to Charlotte’s face. Real smooth, Sam. Finally, logic and reason—not to mention Charlotte’s ability to buy in and provide lots of patients through St. Ambrose—win out and Charlotte is hired. Cooper’s happy to see his girlfriend get the job, but he’s a little less than thrilled when he finds out what her new specialty is—sexology.


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