Season 3
Strange Bedfellows
Strange Bedfellows
Season 3 | Episode 305 | Aired 10/28/2009
Things get tough for Addison when the mix-up mommies, Amelia and Zoe, show up with some pregnancy complications. Need a quick recap? See, Amelia and Zoe, two perfect strangers, were both trying very hard to get pregnant and Naomi mixed up their embryos, implanting each in the wrong woman, so now Amelia is carrying Zoe and her husband Martin’s baby and Zoe’s carrying Amelia and her dead husband’s baby, generated from their last viable embryo. They both agreed to carry each other’s baby to term and then swap after birth, but now Zoe’s OB/GYN has referred her to Addison for a consult, which is not good news, and Amelia’s preeclamptic, which means her blood pressure could put her and Zoe’s baby at risk. Yeah, it might help to draw a diagram for this one.

Addison performs an ultrasound on Zoe and discovers a large tumor growing on Amelia’s baby. Without surgery, the tumor will kill the fetus, but the surgery could also permanently damage Zoe’s uterus, hurting her and Martin’s chances for having another baby. It turns out Martin, a real class act, skipped out on Zoe when he found out she was carrying another couples’ baby, but Zoe’s convinced he’ll come back and doesn’t want to risk not being able to have kids with him. At first she decides to just let the tumor kill the baby so Amelia doesn’t freak out, which puts Addison in a terrible position due to doctor-patient confidentiality. After Amelia suspects something and brings in Naomi, they convince Zoe that she has to tell the other mother the truth. Amelia takes the news as well as she can, but her blood pressure still spikes. Zoe, seeing how Amelia is putting her own health on the line for her baby, changes her mind and opts for the surgery.


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