Season 3
Strange Bedfellows
Strange Bedfellows
Season 3 | Episode 305 | Aired 10/28/2009
Zoe’s surgery doesn’t go well. She’s fine, but Addison can’t save the baby. Amelia is heartbroken, but she still manages to be there for Zoe, who was bonded to the baby she was carrying, even though it wasn’t hers. We’re in the middle of being amazed at how great a person Amelia must be to actually be supporting someone else after losing her baby and the only chance she’ll ever have of having her dead husband’s child, when who should walk in but Martin, Zoe’s absentee husband. Zoe called him and he shows up now that the other couples’ child is out of the equation. Zoe’s happy to see him, but Amelia is devastated, and it looks like she may be thinking of keeping Zoe and Martin’s baby for herself. This is only going to get messier and the potential of a malpractice suit ruining Naomi’s career is higher than ever.

Pete’s waiting for Violet in her office when she comes back from court and demands to know why he let Katie off the hook. He’s so angry about what that woman did to her and their child and finally Violet realizes, just as we do, that she’s not the only victim—what happened to her also happened to Pete. Katie may have taken Violet’s sense of security and her feelings toward Luke, but she also took the woman Pete loves away from him. We can’t help but get chills as this realization washes over Violet and as she tries to comfort him, he just begs her to come back to him over and over. But will she? Can she? We don’t know yet, but we’ll keep watching to find out!


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