Season 3
Slip Slidin' Away
Slip Slidin' Away
Season 3 | Episode 306 | Aired 11/04/2009
Pete’s patient, Barbara, is seriously depressed. Her fiancé, Jimmy, desperately wants her to get better. Violet is also treating Barbara and suggests a way to end the depression right now: Electroshock Therapy. Don’t worry. This isn’t One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest shock therapy. The whole procedure takes only a few seconds and Barbara wakes up no longer depressed. But she also doesn’t know who Jimmy is.

Violet believes Barbara’s memory was not affected. She thinks something terrible happened with Jimmy and she’s blocked it out. But Jimmy’s actually a nice guy. Too nice. He’s the guy at the bar that you go home with at 3 a.m. because the guy you really want has already left with someone else. Barbara is pretending she doesn’t remember him because she doesn’t want to hurt him after all he’s done for her. Poor, nice Jimmy.

Violet and Pete decide to lie to Jimmy to spare his feelings. Violet says, “Memory and emotion get all wrapped up with each other and sometimes it’s hard to pull them apart.” By the look on Pete’s face, we get the sense that he may be taking this sentiment to heart. When Jimmy says this isn’t how it was supposed to be, Pete agrees. But it is what is. All you can really do now is try to be happy for her. This time it’s Violet who appreciates the sentiment. We do, too.


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