Season 3
The Hard Part
The Hard Part
Season 3 | Episode 307 | Aired 11/11/2009

While hiking in the hills, Addison and Sam chat about the time they almost dated in med school. Before things get interesting, there’s a call for help. A man and his pregnant wife crashed over a cliff and the woman is still trapped inside the car. With no cell phone signal in the mountains, they are on their own. Oh, and one more thing. The woman’s due date: Today.

The man, Jake, has a collapsed lung. Sam quickly improvises a chest tube that needs to be unclogged every half hour. He drags Jake closer to his wife in the car. The plan is for Addison to keep tabs on both of them while Sam goes for help. As Addison treats the woman, Kara, the car starts rolling down the mountain. Addison struggles to gain control of the runaway vehicle. It crashes into a downed tree.

With Addison now hurt and trapped, Sam can’t leave. Without someone to unclog the chest tube, Jake will surely die. They are going to have to ride things out through the night. That’s going be tough as Kara’s water breaks and the baby is in a breech position. Sam now has no choice but to go for help in the dark of night.


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