Season 3
'Til Death Do Us Part
'Til Death Do Us Part
Season 3 | Episode 315 | Aired 02/17/2010

Pete, Naomi and Addison treat a patient, Sharon, who delivers an extremely premature baby. Addison tells Sharon and her husband, Matthew, that their baby boy will need a series of surgeries. Even if the child survives the operations, he’d likely live a life of suffering and pain. The parents, Pete and Naomi all cling to hope for a miracle, as slim as it may be. Only Addison believes that surgery would simply prolong the suffering.

Conceding to the wishes of the parents, Addison operates on the infant. The baby survives the surgery, but he’ll need a permanent feeding tube and there’s likely brain damage. The child is in pain but the parents are still hoping for a miracle. They want more procedures. This is something Addison just can’t do.


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