Season 3
Eyes Wide Open
Eyes Wide Open
Season 3 | Episode 319 | Aired 03/31/2010

Paging Dr. Shepherd! Paging Dr. Shepherd! No, not that Dr. Shepherd. We’re talking about someone completely different. Let’s just call her McSister. Yes, Addison’s former sister-in-law is a promising young neurosurgeon who just happens to be part of a team that’s been asked to help Kayla, the surrogate coma patient carrying three babies.

Amelia Shepherd (guest star Caterina Scorsone) is a force to be reckoned with as she spars with her boss, the brilliant Dr. Geraldine Ginsberg. When Dr. Ginsberg says she can’t help the patient, Amelia offers an option of hope. This ticks off Dr. Ginsberg, who promptly fires Amelia from her team. Kayla’s husband, Eddie, asks Amelia if she would be willing to do the surgery. She agrees to try to save his wife.

Both Addison and Vanessa are against the surgery. It’s just too risky. But Charlotte signs off on it and Sam will be in the OR to maintain the cardiovascular function. Amelia gets angry when Addison brings the prospective parents of the three babies by to guilt her out of operating. She accuses Addison of settling in her personal life and now with her patients, too. This actually leaves Addison a little rattled.


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