Season 3
Eyes Wide Open
Eyes Wide Open
Season 3 | Episode 319 | Aired 03/31/2010
As Amelia operates on Kayla’s brain, a blood clot puts all three babies in distress. Sam has to repair the clot, but the babies won’t survive the procedure. Addison has to get them out them now. The third baby is not breathing. Vanessa offers to help, but Addison tosses her out of the OR. She performs CPR on the infant and, after a few tense moments, the baby takes a breath. Whew!

After Sam repairs the clot, it’s up to Amelia to finish the surgery. But she’s having a bout of self-doubt. Sam gives her a little tough love speech to help her get back on track. He wants them to work together to show her brother that he’s not the only Shepherd who can make magic. Just like that, Amelia is back in the game.


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