Season 3
Eyes Wide Open
Eyes Wide Open
Season 3 | Episode 319 | Aired 03/31/2010
Fife admits to Pete that he slept with Naomi and told her about William’s illness. Cooper is also spilling details about his issues with Charlotte. Pete comes home wondering when he became the man that other men tell their problems to. Addison doesn’t have an answer, but she does have another problem to toss his way. It’s about that time he thought she was Violet while in a feverish state. That time he said, “I love you.”

Pete tells Addison he will always love Violet, as she’s the mother of his child. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her. He’s moved on. He’s happy. That makes Addison happy. Lucas looks happy, too. Yes, they’re one big happy family. DING DONG! Someone’s at the door. It’s Violet. Initially, it looks like she’s there to see Pete. But when she sees Addison, Violet puts two and two together. Her demeanor changes instantly as she says, “I want to see Lucas.” This could be trouble.


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