Season 3
Second Choices
Second Choices
Season 3 | Episode 320 | Aired 04/21/2010

Violet is back. She’s overwhelmed at how much Lucas has grown. Addison is overwhelmed by the fact that the mother of the baby she’s come to love is standing before her. She has no choice but to hand over Lucas after Pete asks Violet if she’d like to hold him. The look on Addison’s face is one of fear, worry and heartbreak.

Addison asks the still-visiting Amelia to act as a consult for Carl, a soldier home on leave who recently passed out. When Amelia speculates that Carl may have a heart condition, his pregnant wife, Lucia, hopes they find something that will end her husband’s tour of duty. Sam determines that a stent will fix him up good as new, which means Carl would be able to return to combat.


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