Season 3
Season 3 | Episode 321 | Aired 04/28/2010
In court, Violet testifies that she knows with every fiber of her being that she’s ready to be Lucas’s mother. And when she wasn’t ready, she gave him to the one person he knew would put Lucas’s life before his own: Pete. Her testimony hits home with Pete, who believes they have a chance to raise the happiest, most loved little boy in the world. But he wants her to be ready and that’s up to the judge, who deems that she’s not.

Outside the courthouse, Violet tells Addison that she believes she had something to do with Pete’s change of heart. Even though she lost, Violet still gets visitation rights. She says, “I’m going to see Lucas and I’m going to be happy.” She then asks Addison if she’s going to be happy. Addison’s reply: “I don’t know.”


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