Season 4
Take Two
Take Two
Season 4 | Episode 401 | Aired 09/22/2010

You are cordially invited to a wedding. And it may not be for who you think.

Now, we all know Cooper proposed to Charlotte, but they’re not the ones getting married. At least, not until they can decide whether the nuptials should take place at the hand of a priest or a rabbi. Actually, it’s Pete who pops the question to Violet. She can’t wait to get married. No, she really can’t wait. Violet hopes to walk down the aisle this weekend!

A few other things have changed since we last left our friends from Oceanside. Remember how Addison and Sam finally got together? Well, they sure don’t look like they’re together now. Naomi isn’t with Dr. Fife either. He quit. And Amelia took up smoking after brother Derek got shot in the chest up in Seattle. Sadly, some things can’t ever change as the gang gathers at the cemetery for the unveiling of Dell’s headstone. Still hard to believe he’s gone.


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