Season 4
Short Cuts
Short Cuts
Season 4 | Episode 402 | Aired 09/29/2010

NEWSFLASH: Addison and Sam are a couple, Violet is Cooper’s best friend and Oceanside Wellness is merging with Pacific Wellcare! Okay, only that last one is worthy of a “newsflash” label.

Naomi proposes a merger after breaking the sad news that William White has passed away. Everyone is onboard with the idea, which catches Naomi a little off guard. She was expecting a little more resistance and kind of waiting to get hit with something she wasn’t expecting. Like perhaps the news that Sam and Addison are together now?

Addison tells Amelia that she’s with Sam. This has our favorite new neurosurgeon more than a little impressed. Amelia says, “If I had that man in my bed I would be shouting it from the rooftops. I’d write a song.” She advises Addy to come clean with Naomi. Easier said than done.


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