Season 4
Playing God
Playing God
Season 4 | Episode 403 | Aired 10/06/2010

The drunk driver who hurt Mia and killed Dell is persona non grata at a lot of places, but he’s especially not welcome at Oceanside Wellness. Nevertheless, the man walks through the front door begging forgiveness for the pain he’s caused. The guy barely has time get out an apology before Sam is choking the life out of him. Soon the man is going into cardiac arrest. Later, Sam screams, “Some things don’t deserve to be forgiven!”

We flashback to Sam’s first solo heart surgery many years ago. The patient is a schoolteacher who believes he’s going to die. He wants to unburden himself from a secret he’s been keeping. The ailing teacher admits to Sam that he’s a pedophile moments before being wheeled into the OR.


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