Season 4
Playing God
Playing God
Season 4 | Episode 403 | Aired 10/06/2010
Pete’s old war buddy, Gibby, runs a medical clinic out of his house. Shockingly, he also performs surgery in a back room. Violet thinks Gibby has a God complex. Pete believes he’s just helping people who are out of options. But the line between helping people and doing the right thing get blurred when a young girl is shot. The patient will die without the proper medical help, so Pete calls 911.

An ambulance takes the wounded girl away. Pete knows Gibby went too far. He promises to call the cops on his old friend if he ever opens another clinic. Still, Pete can’t shake that desire to help people who are truly in need. He and Violet agree to find a way for Pete to do some emergency room shifts a few days a week. That’ll work.

Naomi knows that the day Sam let that patient die was the beginning of the end for them. They’d never kept secrets before that. But she tells Addison that her relationship with Sam is NOT the beginning of the end for them. Whew!


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