Season 4
A Better Place to Be
A Better Place to Be
Season 4 | Episode 404 | Aired 10/13/2010

Violet is surprised and happy to see Dell’s daughter, Betsey, walk out from the elevator at Oceanside. Her joy turns to shock when Betsey’s Aunt Monica says she can’t care for her niece anymore and abruptly leaves. Betsey is alone and scared. She asks, “Where am I going to sleep tonight?”

Violet asks Betsey if she’d like to stay at with her for awhile. Panic strikes the next morning when Lucas isn’t in his crib. As it turns out, Betsey took him downstairs to watch cartoons. Everything turned out okay, but Sheldon is concerned. He thinks Betsey needs years of help to deal with all the trauma she’s been through. He believes the best way Violet can help her is by letting her go.

When Betsey spills a drink in the Oceanside kitchen, you can see by the look on the little girl’s face that she thinks she’s in big trouble. Violet grabs a drink of her own and promptly pours it all over the floor. Soon the two of them are making a major mess by shaking up every soda bottle in the fridge. We’re guessing this is the most fun Betsey’s had in a long time. She asks if she can stay with Violet forever.


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