Season 4
A Better Place to Be
A Better Place to Be
Season 4 | Episode 404 | Aired 10/13/2010
The Betsey situation brings up questions about children for Sam and Addison. Cooper also wonders if he and Charlotte should take in Dell’s daughter. But when Violet asks if anyone would be willing to take Betsey, no one says a word. Nobody steps up. Now she must break the news to Betsey.

Violet tearfully says, “I hope you that you will get to go to a home. A home with a mom and dad who have always wanted a little girl. A mom and dad of your very own who will love you so much because they’re gonna see how special you are.” It’s a heartbreaking moment.

After Violet turns Betsey over to a social worker, she steps back to the room where all of her colleagues, all of her friends, still haven’t made a sound. Violet says, “We did a bad thing. You all know it. We did a bad thing.” Again, there’s complete silence. Makes sense. After what just happened, what could anyone possibly say?


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