Season 4
In or Out
In or Out
Season 4 | Episode 405 | Aired 10/20/2010

Addison is zipping along during a routine delivery until the baby comes out and isn’t crying. Amelia takes a look at the newborn. The parents, Daniel and Tracy, are understandably nervous. We’re not feeling so hot either when Amelia asks, “How can someone this small have a tumor this big?” Addison, Sam and a team of others will have to operate if there’s any hope of saving this baby girl.

Dr. Rodriquez (guest star Cristian de la Fuente) is an oncologist who believes chemotherapy is the best course of action. This ticks off Addison, who knows surgery is the way to go. But first they have to help Tracy, who suddenly starts hemorrhaging. Addison is able to control the bleeding and is shocked when the Daniel makes the solo decision to do chemo on their baby. Needless to say, Addison is a bit peeved at both Charlotte and that handsome oncologist, Dr. Rodriguez.


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