Season 4
In or Out
In or Out
Season 4 | Episode 405 | Aired 10/20/2010
Addison settles down a bit after having a little chat with Rodriguez. She still thinks surgery is the best option, as does Tracy once she wakes up. Sam knows why Daniel wants to make the safe choice. There’s nothing harder for a parent than to watch the child they love go through those OR doors and not come out alive. But Sam says their baby’s best chance for a happy healthy life is to have the surgery.

Addison and Sam run into some complications while operating on the baby, but manage to pull her through. The entire tumor is removed and both parents are beyond relieved. We are, too. Dr. Rodriguez congratulates Addison on her success and then asks her out to dinner. She declines while spewing out gobs of info about all her failed relationships and the good, successful one she’s in now.


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