Season 4
In or Out
In or Out
Season 4 | Episode 405 | Aired 10/20/2010
A sex-starved Amelia is intrigued when both Violet and Charlotte comment on Sheldon’s expertise in the bedroom. Amelia flirts at first but then comes right out and propositions Sheldon for sex. Much to her surprise, he says he’ll think about it. He then promptly exits the room leaving a dazed and confused Amelia behind. Well played, Sheldon. Well played.

Amelia can't believe Sheldon didn't jump at the chance—and neither can we! But when she confronts him about it, he plays through exactly what their potential rendezvous would lead to—mainly meaningless sex for her and a broken heart for him. He tells her to look him up when she decides she's ready for something real, because he is as good as the ladies say. Think she'll take him up on that someday?

Cooper and Charlotte have been going back and forth on the issue of kids. He wants them. She doesn’t. Charlotte is afraid she’ll screw up their children. She’s also afraid Cooper will leave her now that he knows how she feels. Yeah, that’s not going to happen. They don’t have to decide the kid thing right now. Cooper just wanted to have the conversation. They can continue the discussion at a later date. Right now, they can distract themselves with sex. Good plan.

At the end of the day, Sam tells Addison that the reason she always looks five steps ahead in her relationships is because she expects to get hurt. He assures her that won’t happen with him. Sam says, “You’re gonna have to trust me. I will not hurt you. Okay?” Yeah, that’s about as okay as it gets.


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