Season 4
All in the Family
All in the Family
Season 4 | Episode 406 | Aired 10/27/2010

Addison and Sam disagree on what to do when they discover that woman who’s been in a coma for a very long time is pregnant. She wants to call the police because someone in the hospital obviously had sex with a helpless patient. He wants to try to figure out how to best protect the woman and her adoring husband, Bob, who has stuck by her side for such a long time.

Addison is shocked to learn that Bob is the person who impregnated his wife. Again, Sam and Addison clash on what to do next. The spat spills over into the bedroom. Addison even goes so far as to say she’s withholding sex from an incredulous Sam. Bob’s wife is later rushed into surgery where she loses the baby. When Addison overhears Bob telling his comatose wife that they’ll keep trying to have a family, she finally calls the police.

Addison is shocked when Sam doesn’t go ballistic. The fact of the matter is he’s furious. But this is a work issue. It’s not something they should be fighting about at home. He’ll be mad at Addison tomorrow. But tonight he’s coming over for sex. Gotta admire a man who doesn’t bring his work home with him.


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