Season 4
All in the Family
All in the Family
Season 4 | Episode 406 | Aired 10/27/2010
Cooper and Charlotte are having a little tiff over the idea of having babies. Eventually Coop apologizes by bribing Charlotte with a miniature Alabama Lane Cake. We did a quick Wikipedia search to discover it’s a layered sponge cake typically filled with generous amounts of brandy and bourbon. Yum!

It’s Halloween night at the hospital which means it’s pretty darn busy. Charlotte has some administrative work to finish before she can go home to officially make up with Coop. She shuts down her computer and steps outside her office door. Someone is waiting for her.

BAM! Charlotte doesn’t have a chance as an unseen figure violently punches her in the face and stomach before hurling her back inside the office. The door closes and we fear something terrible is about to happen to Dr. Charlotte King.


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