Season 4
Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King?
Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King?
Season 4 | Episode 407 | Aired 11/03/2010

The light in the office flickers from the fallen lamp on the floor. Charlotte King struggles with labored, gasping breaths. She staggers into the hospital hall and makes her way into a supply room. It’s dark. We can’t see her face until Pete steps in and flips on the light. Charlotte turns. She asks Pete to close the door. She doesn’t want anyone to see her so beaten and bloody.

Pete shoos away the busybody nurses as he examines Charlotte. She has a broken hand, wrist, nose and injured eye socket. When he steps away, she makes a phone call. Later, the police try to take a statement but an angry Pete keeps interrupting. Addison enters the room. Surprise, surprise. She’s the mystery person Charlotte called.

Addison shuffles everyone out of the room, including Pete. She knows Charlotte has been keeping a secret from all those trying to help her. It’s understandable. It has to be near impossible to say aloud that you’ve been raped. In fact, Charlotte doesn’t want Addison to say it aloud either. She only wants to report that she was robbed. Charlotte says, “No rape kit. He took my wallet. He didn’t take anything else.”


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