Season 4
What Happens Next
What Happens Next
Season 4 | Episode 408 | Aired 11/10/2010

Charlotte returns to work and pretty much tells everyone to stay out of her way. Ignoring the request, both Addison and Amelia try to buddy up to her. It doesn’t go well. Sheldon believes the reason she’s so reluctant to accept Addison’s help is because she saw Charlotte at her most fragile state. He suggests finding a more indirect way to help her.

Speaking of Sheldon, he meets with Nick and Rachel, a seemingly happy couple. Rachel has had her health issues over the years, but Nick has always been there for her. Like we said, they seem happy. But then Sheldon catches Rachel physically beating on Nick. Addison believes Rachel’s raised testosterone level could be the result of a tumor. Operating is risky, but Rachel doesn’t care. She just wants to stop hurting her husband.

Rachel’s surgery doesn’t go well. She’s going to die. And if she doesn’t go into hospice care, her elevated testosterone will cause her to continue hurting the man she loves. Nick desperately wants to keep caring for his wife. He doesn’t care if she hurts him. The problem is Rachel does. She wants to take care of Nick for a change. It’s a heartbreaking decision, but one that needed to take place.


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