Season 4
Just Lose It
Just Lose It
Season 4 | Episode 410 | Aired 12/01/2010

Naomi’s back! She’s returned from her multi-continent philanthropic adventure. The guys are having a poker night, so Addison suggests a girls’ night in to catch up on things. After all, a lot has happened since Nay went away. Charlotte was attacked. All of her friends gave away Dell’s daughter, Betsey. And Addison wants to have a baby, preferably with her ex-hubby. That’ll teach her to leave the country.

Emily Wendell (guest star Gaby Hoffman) is a drug-addicted patient who shows up every 10 months or so after getting pregnant. Addison is shocked to learn that Violet, Pete and Charlotte have been taking turns over the years to pay Emily 50 bucks to give up her annual baby. It’s the only way to be sure each child will be safe. But Emily says she’s clean now and wants to keep this baby. Addison is the only one willing to help her.

Pete goes behind Addison’s back to convince Emily to have her tubes tied during her upcoming C-section. Well, he didn’t really convince her. He paid her 250 bucks. Addison is furious. Pete’s only defense is that Emily is a lost cause. Addison delivers Emily’s baby but doesn’t tie her tubes.


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