Season 4
Just Lose It
Just Lose It
Season 4 | Episode 410 | Aired 12/01/2010
Addison truly believes the woman has changed. But when Violet dangles the idea of more money in front of Emily, Addison sees her true colors. And the end of the day, Addy’s the one who ends up giving this loser mom a thousand bucks to relinquish her parental rights. It’s unethical, illegal and the best possible solution.

Sam catches Addison crying outside the nursery. They have a conversation they’ve been avoiding for some time. She says Emily’s baby girl could be theirs. He reminds her that she isn’t. In fact, social services found two loving parents who are ready to give the child a happy home. Sam tells Addison they can’t make this baby decision based on her biological clock, as it is moving way too fast. He needs a little time. He needs her to believe in him. Thankfully, she does.


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