Season 4
Just Lose It
Just Lose It
Season 4 | Episode 410 | Aired 12/01/2010
At the end of a long day, Cooper sits alone in his office. Amelia pops by and he promptly tries to kiss her. She pushes him away and angrily tells him to go home. But Cooper doesn’t go home. He makes his way over to Sheldon’s office where he says the Charlotte he fell in love with is gone. It’s his job to hold up this person who, to him, doesn’t exist anymore. That could be a problem.

An early morning phone call wakes Addison. It’s her mom, Bizzy. Whatever she says on the other end of the line is enough to make Addison spring up out of bed. A short time later, Addison is at the airport as a charted plane lands. Bizzy steps out to say she needs Addison’s help. Then we see Susan, Bizzy’s longtime lover, being taken off the plane in a wheelchair. We’re not sure what’s wrong, but it doesn’t look good.


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