Season 4
If You Don't Know Me By Now
If You Don't Know Me By Now
Season 4 | Episode 411 | Aired 01/05/2011

Addison’s mom, Bizzy, wants her to save her lover Susan’s life. That’ll be a tall task since Susan has Stage 4 ovarian cancer. Addison says there’s nothing she can do. Susan is going to die. Bizzy says that’s acceptable and slaps Addison across the face. She screams, “You will save her life!” Addison is stunned. Frankly, so are we.

Remember Dr. Rodriguez? He’s that handsome oncologist we met in In and Out. Well, the dreamy doc is back and still has a little thing for Addison. He’s bummed to learn that the only reason she called is for help with Susan’s case. Once they see that the cancer has spread to the liver, both agree there are no real options. As you may have guessed, Bizzy isn’t very responsive to this news, so she lays into Addison again.


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