Season 4
Blind Love
Blind Love
Season 4 | Episode 413 | Aired 02/09/2011

Susan is rushed into the hospital. Bizzy is panicked as Addison and Dr. Rodriguez work to stabilize her. She’s out of the woods for the moment, though Bizzy has no idea how dire the situation truly is. In another part of the hospital, Sam treats a man who was stabbed in the heart by the woman he was beating. The patient’s name is Lee and he happens to be the man who savagely raped Dr. Charlotte King.

While in recovery, Susan gets a clot in her lung. She doesn’t want any heroic procedures to take place. She’s crashing. Bizzy begs Addison to do something, but she can’t. Susan made her wishes quite clear. Moments later, Susan is gone. A stunned Bizzy stares at her daughter with a look of utter contempt in her eyes. Addy has always had a strained relationship with her mother, but this may end it all together.


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