Season 4
Home Again
Home Again
Season 4 | Episode 414 | Aired 02/16/2011

Addison is off to Connecticut for Bizzy’s funeral. Her demeanor is quite cold as she prepares to board the plane. Back at Oceanside, Sam says, “It was like Addison was taken over by the ghost of her cold and WASP-y mother.” Amelia suggests they all head east to support a friend in need. Only Violet and Sheldon must stay behind to deal with patients. When the gang arrives in the Nutmeg State, Addison invites them into the mansion in a very proper, Bizzy-like way. It’s borderline spooky.

Archer is glad to see Naomi, but The Captain is bummed that Violet didn’t make the trip. Everyone is invited to stay at the mansion, though The Captain informs them they’ll have to pour their own drinks. He’s obviously had a head start. The Captain wonders aloud how all these doctors could just let his wife die without a fight. Addison never told anyone that Bizzy took her own life.


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