Season 4
Two Steps Back
Two Steps Back
Season 4 | Episode 415 | Aired 02/23/2011

Pete flat-out tells his wife that he hates her book. Violet is shocked to learn that many of her Oceanside cohorts feel the same way. Amelia isn’t thrilled that she’s been painted as a bit of a harlot and Sheldon’s not keen on being referred to as “sexual leftovers.” BFF Cooper isn’t jazzed about being dubbed a man-child. Fortunately, Addison hasn’t read her copy yet, as she’s still out of town.

Violet challenges the gang to say the ugliest thing they’ve ever thought about her. Amelia jumps right in by calling Violet condescending. Naomi thinks she’s cheap. Sam says she can’t dance. At the end of this little honesty-fest, Violet apologizes and promises to ditch her book deal if anyone truly can’t get past what she wrote. When all the votes are tallied, everyone agrees that Violet should publish not perish.


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