Season 4
Love and Lies
Love and Lies
Season 4 | Episode 416 | Aired 03/16/2011

Addison is back, as is Dr. Gabriel Fife. First, let’s talk about our favorite, still-grieving neonatal surgeon. She returns to Oceanside in tears, though not over anything specific. Ever since Bizzy’s death, Addy’s been crying a lot. We’re just wondering if the waterworks will continue should she find out that Sam and Naomi kissed. That newsflash will likely trigger tears of fury.

As for Fife, he announces his triumphant return by flooding Naomi’s office with gobs of African Flame lilies. Fife says it’s the national flower of Zimbabwe. He’s right. We checked on Wikipedia. Anyway, Fife is there to woo Naomi away from Oceanside. It won’t be easy once he realizes the object of his affection still has Sam issues. More on that later.


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