Season 4
A Step Too Far
A Step Too Far
Season 4 | Episode 417 | Aired 03/23/2011

The critics are doling out glowing reviews for Violet’s book with one exception. Dr. Marla Phillips of the Times has some scathing things to say about the author’s tactics as a shrink. This has Violet sulking at the book launch party. She cheers up when she catches Sheldon telling off Marla Phillips. Actually, Sheldon wasn’t chastising. He was flirting. This leads to a hotel room hookup with the abrasive critic. Probably best to not tell Violet.

Pete’s patient, Lorraine, shows signs of being cancer-free. The timing of this news couldn’t be better. Lorraine’s sister, Claudine, is acting as a surrogate for her and her husband, Elliott. What Lorraine doesn’t know is that her sister and husband fell in love with each other during the pregnancy. Uh oh.

Addison is forced to do an emergency C-section. The baby girl is fine, but her family is still in turmoil. Addy had to do a hysterectomy on Claudine, who wants to keep the baby now that she can’t ever have one of her own. Elliott wants this as well. This leaves Lorraine devastated. Pete encourages her to find the strength to fight for her baby and Addison tells Claudine that she simply can’t do this to her sister. She can have Elliott or the baby, but she can’t have both. Claudine eventually hands the baby over to Lorraine.


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