Season 4
A Step Too Far
A Step Too Far
Season 4 | Episode 417 | Aired 03/23/2011
Cooper is feeling a little down about the fact that all of his friends seem to be way more successful than he is. He’s also struggling with the fact that his young patient Tyler may have a serious heart condition. The boy’s parents want Coop to clear their son for an upcoming wrestling match. If he misses it, it’ll cost him a college scholarship. Sam says the odds of anything happening are slim, but Cooper still won’t sign off on wrestling.

Tyler’s dad comes by the next day for the follow-up exam on his son. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that his wife took Tyler to the wrestling finals. They head off to the gym where Ty wins his match. It looks like they dodged a bullet until the kid collapses on the mat. Cooper and Sam get Tyler’s heart going but he was without oxygen for some time. He’s put into a medically-induced coma to give his brain time to heal.

Tyler’s situation seems even more tragic when the family learns that he scored a full scholarship to UCLA before the match even took place. Charlotte tries to cheer up Cooper. The cool titles people get and the books other folks write don’t hold a candle to what he does every day as a doctor. When it comes to truly helping others, nobody does it better that Dr. Cooper Freedman.


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