Season 4
The Hardest Part
The Hardest Part
Season 4 | Episode 418 | Aired 03/30/2011

Sheldon and Violet treat a trio of teens who made a pregnancy pact. One of the girls gets yanked from the therapy when her mom realizes Violet is the author of the book she’s currently reading. The hits just keep on coming for Violet when she meets Sheldon’s new lady love, Marla Phillips. You remember her, right? She’s the critic who trashed Violet’s book. Awkward!

Violet gives a couple of the pregnant girls a piece of her mind when they start badmouthing her. Then one of the girls starts bleeding. Addison is out of town, but the docs on duty save the baby. The young mother is scared that she’s all alone in the world. Sheldon reminds her that her new baby makes that statement utterly untrue. Another one of the teens doesn’t know how to talk to her mom, so Violet offers to help her get the ball rolling.


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