Season 4
What We Have Here ...
What We Have Here ...
Season 4 | Episode 419 | Aired 04/27/2011

Addison gave Sam an ultimatum before she left for Seattle. Either they have a baby or they’re through. Sam hasn’t made up his mind yet. More on that later. Right now, Addy and Sam treat Val, a pregnant woman who has cancer. The only way they can help her is to deliver the baby at 25 weeks. The newborn child could come out with a slew of serious complications. Val says she’ll carrying the baby to term even if it kills her.

Val needs to give Gary the baby he’s always wanted. She once had an abortion without telling him at a time when her career was starting to take off. Val’s condition goes from bad to worse. They need to start treatment immediately, but she won’t change her mind. Addison nudges her to tell her hubby the truth. Unfortunately, Gary doesn’t take the news well.

Eventually, Gary and Val agree to go forward with the C-section. They love each other and want to have a baby together. This case hits close to home for the doctors involved. Addison can’t wait anymore. She wants to have a baby right now. There can be no compromise. This has Sam wondering if that means they are breaking up. Frankly, we’re wondering the same thing.


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