Season 4
What We Have Here ...
What We Have Here ...
Season 4 | Episode 419 | Aired 04/27/2011
Sheldon’s upset because he stopped seeing Marla for Violet’s sake. He believes a true friend wouldn’t have put him in this position. Violet believes a true friend would have walked away on his own. There’s obviously a difference of opinion here. Sheldon says the only thing it seems they agree on is that they are “not” friends. Yeah, that’s not really the case. Violet eventually comes around to give Sheldon her blessing to date her nemesis.

One of Violet’s former patients is claiming her book violated doctor-patient confidentiality. The plaintiff is the same woman who violently attacked her. Yes, Violet is being sued by Katie. She ropes Cooper into driving her over to the diner where Katie works. She seems better now, but claims she can’t move forward with her life as long as Violet’s book is out there. Nothing gets resolved.

Later, Katie approaches Violet when she’s alone at the office late at night. It’s a tense situation. Violet is frightened, but all Katie wants to do is apologize. The next day, Violet learns that the lawsuit has been dropped. That’s the good news. The bad news is that an investigation has been launched as to whether or not Violet’s license should be suspended.


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