Season 4
Something Old, Something New
Something Old, Something New
Season 4 | Episode 420 | Aired 05/04/2011

Cooper’s parents aren’t all that fond of the fact that their son is marrying Charlotte. They’ve never actually met her before now, but they’ve heard all the stories of how she hurt their baby boy in the past. Charlotte’s mom isn’t crazy about Coop’s folks either. She thinks they make too much of a fuss over Violet. Charlotte and Coop get into a spat about the various eccentricities of everyone’s parents. Don’t you just love family gatherings?

Naomi is back from Africa, but she’s not talking to either Addison or Sam. Speaking of those two, they’ve ended their relationship but will keep things quiet until after Cooper and Charlotte’s wedding. You heard us. AddiSam is no more. As for Naomi, she’s not the only one back in town. Fife has returned, too. And he’s still in hot pursuit of Naomi.

Fife wants to surgically zap the depression out of Naomi’s elderly patient, Marion. Sheldon has a chat with the lady to make sure her illness isn’t affecting her ability to make a decision about treatment. As it turns out, Marion is depressed because she regrets how poorly she treated a man she loved just before he died. Naomi overhears Fife comforting the woman. It makes her think twice about shooing this guy away.


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