Season 4
... To Change the Things I Can
... To Change the Things I Can
Season 4 | Episode 422 | Aired 05/18/2011

Addison is trying to make a change in her life. Her first order of business is flirting with the handsome man (guest star Benjamin Bratt) she meets in the pineapple aisle of the supermarket. Addison wants to live in the present with pineapple guy. He’s game, if living in the present means kissing a woman he just met. It does. Wow, Addy is really embracing that “change” philosophy.

Violet receives word that they are suspending her license for six months. Now the medical board is going after everyone else at Oceanside. The lawyers advise the group to either defend themselves or dissolve the practice and hope the board doesn’t go after them individually. Tough call. Tough call, indeed.


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