Season 4
... To Change the Things I Can
... To Change the Things I Can
Season 4 | Episode 422 | Aired 05/18/2011
Violet tells Pete that she wants to do a multi-week book tour. It’s better than sitting around with a suspended license, right? Wrong, according to Pete. He’s already been feeling run down lately, this only adds to his stress. At work, Pete and Cooper treat a terminal young girl. They perform a risky procedure that could add few more years to her life. Things go south and the little girl slips into a coma. She’s not going to get any better.

The girl’s father, Jason, wants Cooper to help him stop his daughter’s suffering, which means ending her life. It’s a tough decision, but one that Cooper is considering. As for Charlotte, she treats Kaitlin, a woman who was the victim of a sexual assault. The patient has no idea that Charlotte had a similar trauma not so long ago. Both of these cases are obviously hitting our favorite newlyweds very hard.

Cooper ultimately tells Jason that he can’t do what he’s asking. Ending that little girl’s life would be crossing a line that would surely destroy all those involved. Coop advises Jason to love his daughter for as much time as she has left. As for Charlotte, she gets up the courage to talk to her patient to say that she’s not a victim. She’s a survivor. She’ll get through this. Her words hit home, as the patient can see proof of this in Charlotte’s eyes.


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